Cali Crusher Herb Grinder 4 Piece Red

When you want to buy any kind of grinding machine even before you decide on certain aspects of the product such as colour, size and material used to make it, you often consider the functionality of the grinder. You obviously want a machine that will not only work, but work very well and keep working for a long time to come. This Cali Crusher will provide you all of these benefits while being a beautifully designed addition to your appliances.


Known as the designer grinder in the market, the Cali crusher prides itself in being easy on the eyes. The machine is very well designed and with incredible finishing to make it one of the most beautiful in the market. It also comes in a variety of colours to choose from in this case being an anodized red.  The beauty of this crusher is unmatched by any of the other grinding machines in the market.


It is made out of the finest quality aircraft aluminium to increase its durability and also comes with a stainless screen that is meant to not only bolster its durability but to also facilitate easier cleaning. The anodized neodymium magnets ensure that the lid stays on during the grinding process and the pollen scraper ensures that your grind is not contaminated with even the smallest of pollen.

Product details

The shipping weight- 2.4 ounces

ASIN Number- B005JTO106

Item Model Number- CC-6-R


Because of its physical appeal and beautiful design, it is one of the most popular grinders in the market although most of the customer reviews point to another reason why they find it a very good addition to their household.

Most buyers praise the ability of the Cali crusher to produce near perfect grind in a very short time. This to them is what a grinder should be doing and if it appeals to you, then the crusher is the machine for you. The reviews also go as far as praising the fact that it is a very easy machine to use even if you have never had one of these before. Because it is also very easy to clean, it is easily re-used and the grind produced is hygienic.


Despite all of its attributes, the Cali Crusher is not very expensive with this particular one only setting you back about $20. Even the most expensive of these machines cost under $50 so you don’t have any excuse not to buy this amazing grinding machine and make your grinding process easier.

This product is for the person who is serious about their grinding and would like a machine that will not only produce the best possible results but one that will keep going for a very long time. This product is also for you if you are looking for an exquisitely designed addition to your collection at a price that will not put a hole in your pocket.

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