Lawn Mowers

Other issue could be when trying to eat big items, little sticks and twigs will make no trouble but larger branches will. For some other users, the battery is the problem since they report it won’t last more than 70 minutes of mowing and it could be less when mowing denser grass as shown in GreenWorks 25302 reviews.

The real differences besides the cutting blades would be the size of the blades which are smaller in the 19” one providing less rotational weight that translates into slower revolutions per minute when needed. It is said that the 20” twin force makes a flatter cut. The other big difference is that while they both offer mulching and bagging features, the 25223 discharges clippings from the side rather than the rear of the unit. The 20” 25302 also has smart cutting technology, so overall it does a somewhat better job of cutting the grass in that it makes the mowing more effective.

Actually, the only difference here is in the size, so it would basically depends on what your needs are. If you have a wider or smaller yard with tight areas.

If you want a light weighted mower with amazing power and without the hassle of a cord the the GreenWorks 25302 rechargeable twin force is the best investment you can make. It’s the best way to change to electric equipment. There’s a reason why is so highly rated and recommended.

The assembly is so easy you don’t even tools to do it. All you have to do is to unfold the handle and hook on to the base. You can adjust the handle, so it is comfortable to you height. It only needs a safety key start running.





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