Digital pianos

Being considered the best option for its low price (lower than $1000), the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II is the best keyboard action in markets.

Comparing the PX-160's Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II with a Yamaha's GHS action, which one uses 2-sensor technology, it just feels more authentic and nicer to play with the PX-160 model like in this casio piano px 160 review just because of the feeling of the Ivory & Ebony keys.


Casio Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source is one of the most popular items that Casio has for the PX-160 digital piano, it has also some new significant improvements over the previous version, that makes this new model better.

Some of the new updates span the now improved capacity of the memory of stores sampled sounds, being increased by three times. This new update allows you to hear any small nuances of the grand piano sound, using a high-quality sample.

Also, include the Morphing AiR Sound Source, this version uses lossless audio compression, allowing reproducing the sound without any distortion unlike loss formats just as MP3, AAC, etc.


Casio PX-160 Air Sound

With PX-160 digital piano you can find until 18 instrument sounds that you can play:

5 Grand pianos with some versions like in concert, modern, classic, mellow and bright.

4 Electric pianos.

2 Strings.

5 Organs that can include electric organs.

It has a Harpsichord.

It brings Bass with a Lower version.

The piano sound is the special guest of the PX-160 model, it doesn’t care if it has additional sounds, just because what is important is how the piano sounds.

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