You may worry about the KC2000 capacity due to its small size as seen in this Edgestar kc2000 ss review. It supports most full-size kegs, but rubberized and beveled kegs won’t fit. The same happens with Miller and Coors. A keg is over-sized when exceeding 16 1/8 inches.


EdgeStar gives a 90-day technical service warranty from the day it’s bought. All services must be without cost at any official EdgeStar workshop. The disadvantage in this case is that you have to take the kegerator to your local workshop.

Parts have also a one-year warranty from the day it’s bought. EdgeStar has the responsibility of providing brand new parts without cost.

I would say this warranty is not as convenient as other appliances like this, but since this device is some kind of a conversion mini-fridge, this brief warranty will most likely never enter the scene.



  • Economical
  • Simple appliance for new users.
  • Portability
  • Meets most household needs
  • States to be the coldest kegerator available, descending to low 30s
  • Has a thermostat to make adjustments.
  • 5ft beer line.
  • Incorporates a CO2 tank


  • You’re going to get drunk due to all the beer you have there (Maybe this is not a con)
  • Can’t hold big oversized kegs like Miller or Coors
  • No-frost not available
  • Just for household use
  • Some parts may be feeble.
  • Just 90-day technical service warranty and one-year pieces warranty.

Finally, the Kc2000 is a great and simple artifact for newbies. Very recommendable if you are looking for an economical choice. The warranty is quite short, but most likely not a problem for most buyers.

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