If you are looking for a durable chainsaw capable of handling construction and outdoor work, the DeWalt DCCS620P1 20V MAX Lithium-ION XR Brushless Compact 12 Inch Cordless Chainsaw is the saw you’re looking for, and we will help you to find out if this is the right product for you.

The DCCS620P1 maximizes control due to its design and features the latest in motor techonology, all what you would expect from this manufacturer, and those are the reasons why buyers love this saw, so keep reading to learn more.

Performance and Handling

This saw is ideal for pruning applications and cutting logs up to 10 inches in diameter, so it’s suitable for home an farm jobs such as taking down and buckin smaller trees and clearing minor storm damage, but it’s also suitable for trail maintenance and for cutting smal amounts of firewood in camping trips.

This saw wouldn’t be suitable for more demanding, heavier works such as cutting significant amounts of firewood or working onlarger trees, but a gas saw may be appropiate for this tasks as shown in this DeWalt DCCS620 P1 reviews.

There are several adventages of being a battery operated saw over the gas models, such as being easier to start, free from fumes and no carburetor issues to worry about. Moreover, it’s much quieter so it can be used without disturbing your neighbors!

Cutting Equipment

The DCCS620P1 features a 12 inch kickback bar , a low kickback chain, a chain pitch of 3/8 inch, 45 drive links and a gauge that is smaller than the gauge of other saws (0.043 of width) and despite it isn’t quite as robust, it makes for a lighter chain suitable for the jobs this saw was designed for. Moreover, the replacements for both the bar and chain are really easy to come by.

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