Water heaters

Even though it would be nice for it to also have terminals for external 12V batteries.

You will find unbelievable that this compact, practical, efficient, easy to use light-weighted and powerful water heater only costs around $100 - see also this eccotemp L5 water heaters review.

The only remaining problem would still be the susceptibility to the wind that makes flames blow out. But this eventually becomes a minor and easy to fix issue. Some users have also reported that the iron pipes don’t fit too well, and that you will have to use an extensive amount on Teflon to make it work and seal the leaks.

So, in resume, the pros are:

  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Quick heating
  • Shower head included
  • Can be used without electricity or in emergency situations
  • Very affordable
  • Light-weighted
  • Effortless installation and set up


  • Flames goes out very easily
  • The hose is not that rigid and resistant

The Eccotemp L5 portable comes with a warranty of one, valid only if the unit remains in its original point of installation. This warranty doesn’t cover damage due to frozen water in the pipes.

It comes with all the parts and features you need to install it, how practical is that? It’s really very intuitive to identify the components, you only need to take a quick look at the instructions manual.

The temperature will depend on the water pressure and gas flow of the heater. Low flow rates will result and more hot water. Feel free of worries of the functioning during the night because the Eccotemp will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of non-stopped work.

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