This model includes a higher seat and a bowl at about 17,25 inches. With a modern design made of porcelain and meets ADA requirements. This elegant one-piece toilet uses barely 1,28Gfp per flush thanks to a double whirl gravity flushing process. It’s very worth its price and ecological. It removes more efficiently by applying centrifugation. Water is delivered by two nozzles which make every flush more effective. The CeFiONtect bowl eliminates holes and the rim helps you keep the unit clean. It’s usually seen in main bathroom as well as in guest bathrooms like shown in this Toto MS964214CEFG#12 eco soiree reviews.


  • It implies double whirl flushing process.
  • It is an elegant one-piece toilet with a skirted base and high-performance tank.
  • It includes an elongated bowl and SoftClose seat
  • It comes with a chrome trip lever.




  • It has a smooth, elegant and modern design.
  • Uses a double cyclone flushing system.
  • It has a 12” UniFit rough-in.
  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty.


The CeFiONtect covers the surface of the toilet and prevents debris and dirt from adhering to the ceramic and this way making it easier to clean.


  • For not to damage the delicate glaze of this toilet, you must avoid strong chemicals.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than other models you can find.



This toilet is a bit more expensive than other toilets. It has a skirted base and four color options: Cotton white, Sedona beige, Bone and Colonial white. The Double Cyclone flushing is present in all Eco Soiree toilets and this one is not the exception.

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